More about the Gothic culture

Gothic cultureThe Gothic culture is a contemporary culture that exists in many countries. It al started in England in the early 80’s. The Gothic rock scene was a limb of the post-punk genre.

The culture is connected trough music, aesthetics, and fashion. The music of the goth culture are a number of different styles. A few styles are: Gothic rock, deathrock, darkwave, punk, industrial, post-punk, neoclassical and ethereal wave.

The clothing styles range from death rock, Victorian styles and punk. It can also be a combination of these styles with mostly black colors, pale face make up and black hair.

In West-Europe there are large Gothic festivals. If you want so see a list of al the events check out this page!

Gothic Fashion

The fashion in the goth scene is stereotypes as striking black, mysterious, complex and exotic. It can be recognized by the black clothing. Typical goth fashion includes dark make-up, black hair and black nail polish.

Some goths have piercings but not all goths have piercings. The styles are often borrowed from the Victorian, Elizabethan of medieval period. They often express a occult, pagan of other religious imagery. The goth fashion can also include silver jewelry. Check out our photo gallery for more impressions.

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Gothic events

The goth scene still exists and in West-Europe there are large festivals every year. The most festivals are in Germany. See the events overview on this page: Events

Misunderstandings about Gothics

Since the beginning of the 20th century the media starts to associate Gothic with all that is obscure and strange. Research showed that self-mutilation among goth teenagers where a lot higher then regular teenagers. But the research was not preformed the right way. The groups were way to small for a meaningful conclusion.

The assumption that all goths are depressed may be attributed to the dark image of nature of the subculture. This is especially good to notice in the Gothic music. The music often generates a melancholy feeling about live. Maybe the Goth scene and music have a strong connection with melancholy but it is also a strong urge to experiment and to play with these feelings. This has to do with there love of darkness. The dark side of the world and the dark site of the human. You can see this love in music, movies, art, and literature.

Some people think that goths are satanic. This is incorrect. The Gothic movement had nothing to do with belief or religion. More information about the Gothic culture can be found on this website.

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